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Control herd data and its real impact with BovPilot

Simplified, efficient and effective livestock management

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Discover BovPilot, where modern livestock management meets simplicity and efficiency. Our intuitive platform simplifies the complexities of managing your herd and finances into a user-friendly application. Designed for beef and dairy farmers, BovPilot allows you to effortlessly control herd data, conduct financial analysis and gain actionable insights. It's not just about managing your livestock; it's about optimizing your farm's performance and sustainability.

Welcome to a smarter, more effective way of farming - BovPilot is your co-pilot in navigating the ever-evolving landscape of livestock management.

Plans and Pricing

Basic Package

  • Only $2.99/month!

  • Full app access

  • Track and manage your herd

  • organize tasks

  • Control the finances

  • Add unlimited animals

  • Collaborate with up to 5 team members

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Advanced Pack

  • Only $5.99/month!

  • All benefits of the Basic Plan

  • Collaborate with unlimited employees

  • Add and monitor multiple properties

  • Easily upload herd data via spreadsheet

  • Access to the web app with additional benefits

Our Services


Herd management

Track and manage your cattle with ease. Stay organized, monitor health events, and improve performance indicators effortlessly.


Financial Management

Gain control of your ranch's finances. Analyze profitability, manage expenses, and make informed financial decisions to maximize earnings.

Support for Multiple Properties


Seamlessly manage multiple properties from one place. Centralize operations and get a comprehensive view of your entire ranching enterprise.

Team Collaboration


Collaborate with your team members, regardless of their devices. Streamline task delegation and communication for efficient teamwork.

Satisfied Customer

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Francis, Brazil

"BovPilot has been a tremendous help not only to me, but also to my family and everyone who works on our farm. With this tool, we can easily access and view the data of each animal that we have on our property. It has made managing our cattle much simpler."
  • How do I download BovPilot for my livestock farm?
    You can easily download BovPilot for your livestock farm at App Store for iPhone or Google Play for Android.
  • Can I access BovPilot on the web?
    Yes, BovPilot offers a web version included with the advanced subscription, allowing you to access your herd and manage your farm from your computer.
  • What is BovPilot and how can it help with my cattle management?
    BovPilot is a powerful livestock management application that helps small and medium-sized beef, dairy, and genetics producers track inventory, manage cow movements, and perform management actions. management, among other resources.
  • Does BovPilot offer a free trial?
    No, BovPilot does not offer a free trial, but you can easily opt-in and unsubscribe at any time to suit your needs.
  • Can I use BovPilot offline?
    Yes, you can easily access your herd on BovPilot offline, giving you the flexibility to manage your cattle farm from anywhere.
  • What are the BovPilot subscription options and what do they include?
    BovPilot offers two subscription options: the basic subscription BRL 14.90 per month, which includes unlimited inventory, tasks and management actions for up to five collaborators, and the advanced subscription for BRL 49.90 per month, which includes all the basic features plus access to the web version of BovPilot and unlimited collaborators.
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