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Take control of YOUR data and decide SMARTER with BovPlatform




BovPlatform is designed to merge the traditional essence of livestock farming with the ease and modernity of modern technology. Serving both the conventional farmer and the technological innovator, our web application platform facilitates involvement with the management and control of your farm's data. You can get a transparent overview of your operations and explore growth opportunities. A BovPlatform is not just another tool - it is your trusted ally in optimizing your farm, offering actionable insights in real time.

We also extend our digital domain to corporations looking to establish meaningful and insightful relationships with livestock farmers. BovPlatform acts as a bridge, providing our partners with a holistic view of their business relationships with farmers, thus facilitating data-driven decision-making. Our platform is designed to foster a symbiotic relationship, where our partners can gain a competitive advantage through insightful data, and ranchers can access valuable opportunities to improve their operations.

Our Services


Easy Property Selection

Discovering and selecting properties has never been easier. Simply browse the map or enter your city/state to quickly identify and choose your property boundaries.


Property Validation

Access vital data about your farm's legal and ethical status, including overlapping areas and historical labor conditions, and other crucial details. This feature helps you stay informed and ensures your farm remains compliant with government regulations.

In 2024 - Services Directory


Explore a list of local service providers, from veterinarians to livestock feed suppliers, complete with customer ratings and reviews for confident decision making.

In 2024 - Market Reports


Access key market insights, from cattle and milk prices to weather updates and forage costs, empowering timely agricultural decisions.

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