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Effortless Data Management with BovPilot Web Version

Introducing BovPilot's web version - data management for rural livestock ranchers. Easily input and manage your herd's important data using your computer.

Effortlessly Manage your herd from your Phone or Computer

Upgrade to our advanced subscription plan and unlock the power of the BovPilot web version for streamlined data entry and management.

Take control of your herd's information and make informed decisions

The BovPilot web version offers a user-friendly interface for inputting vital herd data. Update medical records, track weights, organize your herd by property, and manage breeding information with ease.

With the BovPilot webversion, you can access Data Anytime, Anywhere

Retrieve or update your herd's data from any web browser with an internet connection. Stay connected even when you're away from the farm.

Enhanced Collaboration and Efficiency

Multiple users can log in simultaneously, promoting collaboration and efficiency among team members. Streamline operations and maximize your herd's productivity.

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